Corporate Social Responsibility

Metro Retail Stores Group embraces its civic and social responsibility by continuously supporting communities where it operates through education, sustainable civic outreach programs, environmental conservation efforts, skills training, livelihood and other employment generating activities.




The METRO CSR Employees Volunteerism Program encourages and supports employees who wish to contribute their time and assistance in relief operations, medical missions, gift giving, feeding programs and other CSR projects of the company. MRSGI employees also donate blood during the Metro Bloodletting Program held in Metro stores in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross.




Through Vicsal Foundation Inc., the corporate foundation of Vicsal Holdings Company, MRSGI provides scholarship grants to underprivileged yet deserving high school graduates.

Scholar-Graduates are also given the opportunity to become management trainees for one-year through the MRSGI Management Training Program, after which they may apply for full-time employment.

MRSGI also partners annually with Caritas Manila, Inc. through the METRO Segunda Mana Donations-in-Kind program wherein pre-loved items collected from SEGI boxes located at Metro stores are sold at Segunda Mana Charity Outlets and at the Buy & Give Expo. Proceeds of Segunda Mana helped sustain the Caritas Manila flagship Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP), which focuses on education for the underprivileged youth nationwide.


Employment Opportunities


MRSGI implements the METRO S.T.E.P. (Skills Training and Employment Program) in various barangays through a series of skills trainings and workshops. The company also hosts the Metro CareerFest within Metro stores. Employers in the communities are invited to showcase their job openings, and MRSGI facilitates the hiring of qualified individuals on the spot.




Through the Metro Hanepbuhay Program, MRSGI continues to work with social foundations, NGOs and local business sectors to provide the marginalized sectors, cooperatives, farmers, fishermen, handicraft groups and persons with disability with booths to promote their products. Special CSR Products Showcase spaces were provided to highlight the flagship products of the company’s CSR livelihood projects. The company also provides these beneficiaries with entrepreneurial guidance and helps them promote their products in Metro stores by way of direct retailing or by hosting seasonal bazaars and product showcase kiosks.

Metro Margins
The Metro Caritas Margins project provides skills and training to urban poor communities and marginalized sectors, as well as honing them to become social entrepreneurs. Margins products from different marginalized community partners include food, home and ladies accessories, personal care products, plus artwork from inmates of penal communities cared for by the Caritas Restorative Justice Ministry, and other gift items and decor.

Metro GreenEarth
The Metro GreenEarth program is a sustainable agricultural development project that aims to provide income to indigent farmers through livelihood centers in organic agriculture. To date, GreenEarth Heritage Foundation distributes its Moringa Tea and Powder in Metro supermarkets across the country.


Environmental Protection


MRSGI partners with local government units for the TreeVolution Tree Planting Program as well as the Solid Waste Management for Sustainable Livelihood Program in communities where Metro stores operate.


Community Outreach


The Metro Cares. Metro Shares medical missions and outreach programs reaches out to disaster-hit areas affected by typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural calamities. With the help of volunteers from Metro Department Store, Metro Supermarket, Metro Pharmacy, City Health Offices, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), city officials, barangay volunteers and Metro suppliers, MRSGI distributes medicines, sets up soup kitchens, and provides basic medical assistance to residents and families where Metro stores operate.

Through Oplan Sagip METRO Relief Operations, MRSGI provides immediate relief and assistance to communities affected by natural disasters and calamities. MRSGI employee volunteers extend a helping hand by contributing and distributing relief goods to affected residents.


Community Service


Corporate partnerships that promote humanitarian actions transform products and transform lives. These are the quality collaborations that MRSGI has engaged in with Caritas Manila Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Philippines through its Coin Bank program, GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, and St. Arnold Jansen Kalinga Center, among others, to develop education, skills training and livelihood programs that further enrich Metro’s communities.

In the spirit of Christmas, Metro holds its annual Christmas Gift Giving activity with beneficiaries from various institutions and communities. Metro employees also volunteer their time and service to groom and feed the homeless and underprivileged.

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